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Publication Management

Your science is only as effective as its communication to the healthcare community.  During development, publications are a way to gain excitement in the field for your science and a method of getting key thought leaders involved in your research. In preparation and after launch, key publications are needed for market access dossiers, guideline inclusion, presentation on a national stage, corporate strategies and many other valuable communication opportunities for your company. 


Trovare can develop a strategic direction for your scientific communication efforts by developing key strategic messages and understanding how the current data address those messages.  We then create a data gap analysis to inform publications and future studies.  We also manage the process from thought leader/researcher participation to writing to submission and revisions.


Standard Response Letters & Medical Information

Communication to healthcare providers about your science in the form of unsolicited requests for information is a crucial part of a scientific communication platform. Trovare can provide creation of a database of FDA compliant standard medical response letters to support new product launches or existing inline products.  We devise a complete plan for the creation of responses to anticipated product inquiries and update the responses in a timely manner as new scientific information becomes available.  We can also assist with the identification and management of all other aspects of medical information such as telephone and mail/email support on a contractual basis.

Medical Education Planning

Trovare can also develop a strategic direction for your educational communication efforts by developing key strategic messages for your product and understanding how to educate others on those messages.  We have strategic alliances with several educational vendors and will work to build a cost-effective shared sponsorship model or go big with sole sponsorship efforts that associate your company or brand with a specific therapeutic area.

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